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Aadhar card Application, Aadhar card benefits and concerns

Written By: blogview - Feb• 09•11

Aadhar card Application, Aadhar card benefits and concerns

UIDAI (Unique Identification authority of India) is formed by GOI and is authorized to issue aadhar cards.  Mr. Nandan Nilekkani is heading UIDAI.


Benefits of aadhar card: aadhar card can be used as identification for availing the benefits provided by the government. Aadhar card can be used as identity and residential proof for availing bank account, passport, to open bank account, to get mobile phone connection, to get pension benefits to the poor, health benefits to the eligible.  There are concerns that personal data will be revealed and will be security threat to individuals.

Aadhar card details: aadhar consist of 16 digit number where as the first 12 digits are known to the card holder and the last four digits are kept secret.  All the residents in India can avail the facility.


How to get aadhar card: enrolment for aadhar cards is circulated in the local media and persons have register there. They will be called and iris and biometric impressions of all the fingers are taken and the aadhar card will be used with in 30 days time.  There is not necessary for the whole family to attend at one time and at one place. Individuals can enroll at any place and time.

Contact details of aadhar card issuing authorities are phone: 1800 180 1947

Fax: 080- 2353 1947 and email at . Postal address is P.O.Box No. 1947, G.P.O. Bangalore- 560001

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  1. itishree Das says:

    Is it give us any benefit like price concession in food items or not?

  2. tadde appalanaidu says:

    hai iam appalanaidu how to apply the adhar card plese send me full deatial my mail

  3. rohit says:

    Aadhar is UID project started by nilekani. every indian must know about it .get more info about

  4. rakesh jha says:

    i want to apply for aadhar card. please mail me the details.

  5. Padmanabh Ranchhoddas Merchant says:

    Is it true that Application form for UID Aadhaar Card is to be obtained from any post office in Bombay on showing Ration Card or Permanent Account Number (PAN) Card issued by Income Tax Department? I do not seem to have come across any announcement in the media / newspapers published in Bombay about the places from where we have to get the application form or about the places where I could for iris and biometric impressions of all the fingers.Is application form available on internet?

  6. banu says:

    hai plz send the information for how to apply this card

  7. shreyashree bhat says:

    Is it necessary for non working woman



  9. Upendra Singh says:

    I want to apply for aadhar card. please mail me the details

  10. akshay.. says:

    in how many days we can get aadhar card ……

  11. Ravi says:

    Mere smart card ka bank name wrong ho gaya h .pls give me any suggetion.

  12. laxman says:

    I have enrolled for UID in Feb.2011 and waiting for UID card by post. whats the matter?


  13. kanhaiya says:

    when we will get the aadhar card you people had told that it will be given in 3 months then what’s the problem ?

  14. amzad ali says:

    dear srr mera aadhar n.2017/00198/02329

    one month se bhi jayada ho gaya hai

    ab tak nahi mela hai

    may phone n. 8826169597

    thank you

  15. VIKRAM SINGH says:

    Dear sir/madam mi vikram singh s/o gobind singh ni apna adar card 1 mahina pahli jalandhar si daya tha abhi tak nahi mila kab tak aayaga tanku vikram singh

  16. vijay kumar singh says:

    Nameste sair mera,Enrolment No.1207/00549/00225 hai jo ki 3 month ho gya hai Lekin mila sair apse Niwedan hai plese sair

  17. srinu says:

    i want to apply for aadhaar how to ragister in online aadhaa application send me pls details.

  18. srinu says:

    i mera aadhaar no 283194349830 .isme address galat he to me abi kay karu.

  19. nishant says:

    if i have aadhaar card address of delhi and i want to open bank account or passport in chennai. will it work or i will hv to use another document for local addres proof

  20. Vishnu lal gupta says:

    I want adhar care kyse applay kru mai lucknow me rahta hu give me information

  21. vijayanand says:

    I have shifted my residence from Dharwad (Karnataka) to Bangalore. I residing in Kodigehalli. I have LPG connection, PAN card and rental agreement for enroling under Aadhar. However my wife who resides with me has PAN. How to enroll her under Aadhar———address proff

  22. jayantilal vaidya says:

    please send me what to do to obtain u i d card.
    i open your web site and it leeds me to boliwood and ,horocosp, if some one try to go through your web site it should be easyer.

    please take necessary action.

  23. Naresh says:

    Maine july me aadhar card nikala tha wo mujhe october me mila, thoda late ata hai lekin ata hai don’t wory.

  24. T.Goverdhan says:

    plz let me know how many aadhar centres are there in nizamabad town-T.Goverdhan-teacher-zphs HOnnajipet

  25. Ganpat Kumar says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    My Enrolment No. is – 1003/10105/07260
    I Filed This Form On 05/09/11
    in how many days i can get aadhar card ……

    Plz Riply Soon On My No.-09214791134

  26. Guruprasad says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I have enrolled for UIDAI in 01/Nov/2011
    My Enrolment No:- 1096/01298/00903
    In how many days i can get Adhara card….?
    please mail me the details……

  27. Yvette ivy prasad says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I have enrolled for UIDAI in 11/03/11
    my Enrollment No 1216/00026/00344
    my husband Godfrey prasad enrollment no1216/00025/00193
    My daughter Suzan prasad enrollment no 1216/00026/00343
    pls can u tell me within how many days(months)can i get our Adhara card or i have to fill a new enrollment form again
    please mail me the detail as soon as possible

    thank you.

  28. jagdish chandra says:

    smart card date 20-9-11.but i not found till date why?

  29. RAJEEV KUMAR says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    i have enrolled for UIDAI in 11/07/2011
    My Enrolled no.- 1207/00601/00145
    My sister Shilpi Devi – 1207/00601/00146
    Please can you tell me within how many days ( Month)
    i found this card
    reply soon

  30. pradeep Kumar says:

    Dear Sir.

    I applied aadhar card when will get own Aadhar Card

    pleas do the need full in this matter as soon as possible.

  31. sharbhyya shanthppa naik says:

    mai aadhaar card form date;26/07/2011 15;54;33
    Enrolment Agency;Karvy data management services yaha pe
    document;pan card/ration card bio captured; eye,fingers[10],lris[2]
    Enrolment no.2017/00053/01835.
    add;room no 20 azad nagar d ward c/r colony near,mahim stn
    matunga,mahim east
    ab tak aadhaar card nahi pohcha please haur kitana din lagega.please check.

  32. Muthiah,A says:

    On 13-08-11, enrolment had been made to issue the card by the IL&FS Ltd. I am yet to receive the Card

  33. sandhya says:

    How to apply aadhar card and who can apply this card pink ration card can also apply aaaaa please send me details.

  34. Mukesh Yadav says:

    I have received a UIDAI card and in the card it is mentioned to authenticate it. I have visited the site of UIDAI and could not find the process of it authentificatgion, kindly lead me.


    Mukesh Yadav

  35. P K DAMODARAN says:

    My enrolment No. is 1119/10012/05331 dated 30.09.2011. What is the status of my Aadhar Card ?

  36. P K DAMODARAN says:

    What about my Aadhar Card ?

  37. narpat kumar rajpurohit says:

    sir, enrolment no 1050/50411/03389 hai name me galat hua hai sahi kaise hoga pls sand me ditale

  38. mukarram says:

    Dear Sir.

    I applied aadhar card when will get own Aadhar Card

    pleas do the need full in this matter as soon as possible.

    enrolment no 1079/00143/02194 date 04/08/2011 13:19:03

  39. Dinesh jiyalal Rajbhar says:

    Sir, Enrolment no. 1218/16093/05664, Please inform u about my Status

  40. dev mani says:

    Dear sir &amp may name is dev ramshivjor mani sir may enrolment no. 1218/16982/496 33 Date 23/08/2011 plays sent may adhar cord may adders dev ramshivjor mani c/oashvin thakkar bima complex. Plot no.130 still market kalmboli raigarh maharastra 410218 sir plays sent thaiks sir

  41. Dinkar. Vithoba Kalambe says:

    Adhar Card In Appliy On tha Rgistar

    In the Proses SMS In Contat No

  42. Dinkar. Vithoba Kalambe says:


  43. kamlesh bharat yadav says:


    ENROLMENT NO 1218/17741/02852 DATE:- 26/05/2011 TIME 09:54:32

    NO. RECEIVER TILL DATE 30/12/2011 MOB NO.09594464606, 09892617298


  44. Akhilesh bharat yadav says:


    ENROLMENT NO 1218/17741/02853 DATE:- 26/05/2011 TIME 09:58:30

    NO. RECEIVER TILL DATE 30/12/2011 MOB NO.09594464606, 09892617298


  45. Subhradeep Das Sutradhar says:

    I am,Subhradeep Das Sutradhar.aadhaar card enrolment no 1193/84029/04027 date 21.10.2011 time 13:30:57.
    i do not get my adhaar card. please send my aadhaar card very soon.

  46. umesh kumar barua says:

    Aadhar Card No.1055/54049/03067 Sanjana Barua, 1055/54049/03065, Umesh Kumar Barua, 1055/54049/03064 Papiya Barua and 1055/54049/03066 Sneha Barua are still not received. Kindly look into the matter personally and send the above mentioned Adhaar Card expeditiously.

    umesh kumar barua

  47. anil yadav says:

    adhaar enquiry

  48. atheesha says:

    i got a copy of aadhar card…………..but did not get an original………….can i apply for a passport with it????

  49. Mohamed says:

    Iam received adhar card how do use this card full lamination after use pls reple me

  50. pradeep kumar says:

    hiii i have got my adhar card but just tell me how to use it

  51. Karthigeyan says:

    I received my “Aadhar Card” yesterday which i was applied on November ’11. “Aadhar Card” is not a plastic card. Please tell me whether we can laminate the card.

  52. Amit Kumar Soni says:

    Name, Address and other details:
    Amit Kumar Soni (Male)
    S/O : Shiv Shankar Prasad
    738, Gurhadhi Gali
    Mili Mohalla, Arrah
    Bhojpur (Bihar) – 802301
    P.O. -Arrah

  53. Amit Kumar Soni says:

    When met my AADHAR card? Name, Address and other details:
    Amit Kumar Soni (Male)
    S/O : Shiv Shankar Prasad
    738, Gurhadhi Gali
    Mili Mohalla, Arrah
    Bhojpur (Bihar) – 802301
    P.O. -Arrah

  54. Naresh Kumar says:

    Could Plz tell me whether ADHAR Card is essential for applying to Govt. Health Card for State Govt. Employee in A.P.?

  55. panthangi sammaiah says:

    sir we want our adharcard registation number H.No 4-2-286.Subhashnagar Hanamkonda Dist Warangal Andhraprades Cell No 9441454284

  56. amresh kashyap says:

    i want to aadhar card..

    • Diman says:

      Good morning BrendanI am wriokng as a Supporting Actor with one payslip away from joining Equity. I am starting at the bottom but as soon as I get the card\’ I will be looking for small parts to start with. I know with SA its what is asked for but what annoys me is that after joining the Agency, how when I go on an assignment, people have not joined or signed a contract and paid to have photo\’s done and yet they get constant work and I have done this thinking I would not get work. Not only is it unfair, but puts me in a position where I feel if I complain, I will be putting myself in a bad position which is why I have not. I have read your book which is great and I noticed that I have already do the some of things you talk about naturally. Thank you for that xx I am not yet an Actor and have only gained the B-Tec National with 16 Distinctions, 8 Merits and one pass. I have not been in a position to take up the work until now some time after my B-tec. I joined a local theatre and was totally ingnored as they are a click\’ even after reading for every play, wriokng as a lighting tech, painting sceans etc. I gave it my best and currently looking for another theatre to join. (Brush myself off and start again)! I live outside of London but was about to join an Agency there as well as where I live, but at this time, its the cost. The reason for this is how to get work on other projects like Downtown Abby etc. I know I have probably answered my own questions but it is good to talk. With kindest regardsThe old fossil

  57. basavanagowda.ok says:

    sir i want aadhar cord plese mail me the details and let me know how many aadhar centres there in banglore town white field near plz mail address .

  58. yogesh patel says:

    Hi….mai yogesh patel..sir mera aadhar car banvana diya hai Dec 2011 ma par ab tak na aadhar card aaya hai or na he koi us ka bara ma koi barama kuch pata mila plz help karo..

  59. sagar says:

    hi …m sagar does aadhar card gives money in my bank

  60. Fun With Puzzles says:

    As one will be giving lot of personal information while subscribing for this card including his/her finger prints.
    Is there any chance of misuse of these personal information?

  61. Nikhil sharma says:

    I have a confusion after reading your article. Please suggest me that, are there any relationship between NPR Card or Aadhar card?? and what’s difference between both of them?

  62. srinivas says:

    dear sir im need the adhaara card means?

  63. srinivas says:

    im apply the adhara card but govt wear no responding

  64. vibhor says:

    Hey thanks for the info. i was searching this on web from past few days but din’t get any good explanation. Finally my query is solved ..all thanks to you mate.
    I have one question, how can i apply for it?

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  66. gender choosing says:

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  67. merchant banking services says:

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    subject and didn’t know who to ask.

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