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Aakash tablet Features, Akash tab PC price in India

Written By: blogview - Oct• 08•11

Aakash tablet Features, Akash tab PC price in India

aakash tablet pc

aakash tablet pc

Internet users inIndiaare increasing many folds over the past decade. Internet users inIndiahave increased fifteen times over the last ten years. Even then the numbers people using internet inIndiais only 8 per cent when compared with china having about 40 percent using internet. With most population are poorIndianeeds products that are cheap and affordable to common man. Having the poor financial back ground for most people inIndia, Tata’s have launched Nano car at a price tag of $2000. Apple has changed the business of tablet PCs through out the world. This has created market for tablet PCs even inIndia.


Akash tab Features/ specifications:  Aakash was launched as the cheapest tab pc inIndia. Aakash comes with video conferencing facility, two USB ports and with a battery life of three hours. Aakash tab uses resistive touch screen display. It connects though wireless connection. Company sources are planning to provide mobile phone connection to this tab pc. It can stream videos for two hours even at 48 degrees centigrade that suits Indian climate. Aakash uses android os.





Aakash tablet PC price inIndia: Government is planning to provide aakash free of cost initially and at a subsidized price of $30 for students and the retail price is expected to be around $60. This is expected at a price tag of Rs.3000/- in Indian markets.

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  1. Dreemy says:

    Nice looking and best for all people

  2. animesh says:

    How many price Akash Tab for school students.

  3. sonmuan says:

    like to buy but is it available on “cash on delivery”

  4. Prince says:

    What is the indian price of the tab……..

  5. arindam says:

    its awesome

  6. NaviLail says:

    i want this on any cost

  7. anil pal says:

    how many price of akash tab for student

  8. jitendra panwar says:

    when it is available in the market??????????/


    how cn i get this “akash tab”….????

  10. RAVI DODO says:


  11. SERIOUS KORNZ says:

    It looks very cool and I think I should get one
    In fact its cheap enough to buy and we poor indians can afford it

  12. SERIOUS KORNZ says:

    i wonder this tab would release soon as possible

  13. EMIL SHAJI says:

    how cn i get this “akash tab”….????

  14. Sudhir kumar says:

    I am sutdy in11and i buy this please replay the price and time to came to school
    thank you

  15. Sudhir kumar says:

    I am sutdy in11and i buy this tab please replay the price and time to came to school
    thank you

  16. puneet says:

    from where it can b buy…plz do inform me…i m from delhi n.c.r (faridabad) haryana……


    i’m student of andhra university campus,Kakinada and i want to get pc tab so may i know the procedure to get that ?


    and my friends also need to get that so please send yhe procedure to get that pc ‘s to all.

  19. rahul vashishth says:

    i m a student of du nd i wnt to buk 1 4 me. how i cn do tht.

  20. kapil goyal says:

    i need a tablet p.c. i m a student from open schooling. plz send me the procedure…

  21. jagannath says:

    for student in india it’s price-1225/-
    for comercial it is-2999/-

  22. vallaiah says:

    nice to buy but needs good processor

  23. suraj kharate says:

    India’s progress

  24. Hemant says:

    Its not true ,it is only of Rs 1100

  25. sudesh says:

    How can I buy this Akash tablet PC?what are the profits to buy it

  26. murthy says:

    when this aakash tab pc is available in the market?

  27. murthy says:

    is it availiable in the market?

  28. Ranjit Singh Dehury says:

    we’ve registered for aakash tab in MPC (A) college Baripada Odisha . when do we gonna get it????

  29. ankur says:

    how to order aakash tab and how to get

    pleas tell me
    ankur sorate

  30. saurabh says:

    how much price aakash2 4.2 ka android ha

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