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Akshaya Tritiya 2011 Date, SMS Messages, Gold, offers, marriage, festival, Good

Written By: blogview - Apr• 20•11

Akshaya Tritiya 2011 Date, SMS Messages, Gold, offers, marriage, festival, Good

There is no fixed date for Akshaya Tritiya as per our calendar. It falls according to Hindu calendar. Akshaya means that does not diminish. It is celebrated on the third day after third day in the first half of the vaishak month. It usually comes in the months of April and may as per our calendar.

Akshaya Tritiya Gold Offers: Hindus consider akshaya tritiya as the most auspicious day to initiate any new work/ project on this day. Hindu devotees try to purchase new goods/ gold on this day. They believe that if they possess gold or some thing on this day it will last for ever and they can be able buy gold/ goods/ valuable things for the entire year. In modern days this akshaya tritiya festival has become famous for buying gold ornaments. Jewelers are offering some discounts on making charges and value of gold on this day. Other offers from jewelers for gold on akshaya tritiya include one can book gold in advance and take delivery on the day of akshaya tritiya.  Now some people are performing marriages on the day of akshaya tritiya day as the day is considered auspicious for marriages.

Significance/ history of akshaya tritiya: According to Hindu epic akshaya tritiya is considered as the beginning day for threta Yuga. It is said to be the birth day of parasuram. Puranas suggest to puja for lord Vishnu on the day of akshaya tritiya attaining salvation as akshaya tritiya festival is dedicated to lord Vishnu.


Akshya tritiya sms, greetings in Hindi: “wish u and ur fmly happy akshaya tritiya”, “May lord bless u with wealth on this akshaya tritiya festival day” are some of the sample SMS messages, wishes and greetings that are exchanged by Hindu devotees both in English and Hindi languages on the occasion of this festival.


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