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Bhadrachalam: Lord Rama temple

Written By: blogview - Apr• 07•11

Lord Rama Temple at Bhadrachalam

Lord Rama Temple at Bhadrachalam is one of the oldest temples of lord Rama. It is located on the banks of river Godavari. Bhadrachalam devastanam takes care of the maintenance of lord Rama temple.

How to reach Bhadrachalam: Bhadrachalam is about 310 kms from Hyderabad and 130 kms from Khammam the district head quarters of Bhadrachalam.  Kothagudem also called as the bhadrachalam road is about 40 kms from bhadrachalam is the nearest railway station to reach.  Reaching up to Kothagudem or Khammam by train is the best way to reach bhadrachalam. From Khammam/ kothagudem one can reach by road to the lord Rama temple.

History of bhadrachalam Rama temple: Kanchrla Gopanna also popularly known as Bhakta Ramadasu is said to have built the lord Rama and seethe temple at bhadrachalam. He has built this temple by diverting the tax collections of government. Lord Rama is said to have paid back the money.


Places of interest around Bhadrachalam: parnasala is a place to be visited while having visit to bhadrachalam. Parnasala is about 30 kms from Bhadrachalam. It is said that lord Rama has built the parnasala for sita Devi, lakhsmana and himself to stay during vanavasa (exile). Ravana is said to have kidnapped sita from this place.


Sita Rama Kalyanotsavam (wedding ceremony of lord Rama and goddess sita) is performed on the occasion of Sri Rama navami day at bhadrachalam. Devotees across the nation try to have visit of bhadrachalam on this occasion and television channels broad cast the live of sita Rama kalyanotsavam live on their channels. Vaikunta ekadasi or mukkoti ekadasi is also another day which has got significance at bhadrachalam temple of lord Rama.

image of papikondalu

Bhadrachalam to papikodalu: tourists can have a visit to papikondalu by boat. This shire by boat to papikondalu from bhadrachalam is a good scenic and entertainment program.  Tourists can watch the scenic beauty of papikondalu when having a tour by boat from bhadrachalam.


Accommodation/ Hotels at Bhadrachalam:  Rooms, cottages, chowltries built and maintained by Bhadrachalam devastanam and TTD devastanam and hotels by private organization are available to accommodate devotees/ tourists/ pilgrims at Bhadrachalam. The budget for rooms, cottages range from Rs.60/- for single bed to Rs.1200/- for ac cottages.



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