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Congress Party Election Manifesto 2014 for Lok sabha

Written By: blogview - Mar• 27•14

Congress Party  Election Manifesto 2014 for Lok sabha

Elections to the Lok Sabha are scheduled to be held in the months of April and May 2014 in various phases. BJP lead NDA and Congress lead UPA are the main contestants for the parliament general elections 2014. The counting of votes will be held on 16th May 2014. The new government will be formed. Every political party releases manifestos for then elections. Manifesto is nothing but the promises to be made parties when they come to power in the elections.

Congress party has released its election manifesto for the general elections to the Lok sabha in 2014. Here are then highlights of the congress party election manifesto.

  1. To make the economy growth rate to 8% in three years
  2. To upgrade 80 crore people to middle class’
  3. Create 10 crore jobs
  4. To provide reservation in employment and education for economically weaker sections of all communities without disturbing the existing reservations to SC/ ST and OBC categories.
  5. Efforts shall be made to curtail black money. Right to health care and right to social security and increase the spending on health care to 3% of GDP.
  6. Women empowerment, protecting children and safe guarding minority communities.
  7. To implement DTC and GST and to encourage FDI.
  8. Welfare of students, farmers and ex service men.
  9.  Rural development and panchayatiraj,  urban development and  Infrastructure development, protection of environment,
  10. Government reforms and fight against corruption


The above are only few high lights.  BJP is yet to release its elections manifesto.

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