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Elections 2014 India: who will become Prime Minister?

Written By: blogview - Apr• 05•13

Elections 2014 India: who will become Prime Minister?

Manmohan has become the Prime Minister of India in 2004 by winning the elections in 2004. Manmohan Singh has again become PM in 2009 by winning elections in 2009. Manmohan Singh has become the longest serving prime minister outside the Nehru Gandhi family. Now the term of the present LS (Lok Sabha) ends by 2014. Elections are supposed to be held in 2014. Some of the allies’ parties of UPA have left alliance. Now the government is running on very narrow majority. Manmohan Singh has become old and he may not contest for another term. His image as clean man also came down among the public.

The main contenders for the prime minister candidature are Modi from BJP, Rahul Gandhi from Congress, Nitish Kumar, Sharad power and Mulayam Singh from SP. Modi has good following among the youth in India. BJP has to take a decision about the candidature of Modi. Rahul may be the choice of Congress.  If congress fails to get absolute majority and has to form government with allies parties then congress may choose A.K Anthony as the candidate for PM post as he has got clean image. If neither congress nor BJP are in a position to form government and if congress has to provide external support for any front that is formed Sharad Pawar may be candidate. If third front has to form government then Nitish Kumar and Mulayam Singh are the likely choice for the prime minister.

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