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Gas Connection Portability, HP, Indane, BP, Bharat gas

Written By: blogview - Oct• 22•13

Gas Connection Portability, HP, Indane, BP, Bharat gas

Ministry of petroleum and Natural gas, Government of India has introduced portability of gas connection. HP (Hindustan Petroleum), Bharat Petroleum and Indian Oil Corporation are the companies that are supplying gas cylinders to consumers of LPG gas in India. With gas connection portability consumers can be able to change their agency supplying the gas cylinders. Consumers also have the option of changing the company with which they are having their gas connection. This scheme will be introduced in Bangalore along with 30 cities across in India in the first phase. Later this facility shall be extended to other towns/ cities/ areas. Apart from this the petroleum ministry is also introducing 5 kg cylinders. These 5 kgs shall be available at petrol pumps/ stations across India.

Highlights of Gas connection Portability:

Consumer of LPG Gas connection will have the option to change the company or the agency with which the consumer is having gas connection.

Consumers can shift their gas connection to the company and the dealer/ agency of the company.

If consumers are dissatisfied with the agency/ dealer they have the option to change the dealer of their choice in their locality.

If consumers of Gas connection are not satisfied with the company of Gas connection they can shift to the company of their choice.

Companies and their agencies are given rating according to their quality of service provided by them. Consumers can choose the agency/ company that is having better rating in terms of service.

This facility is likely to give better competition among the agencies and companies and this results in improvement of service.

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