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Global Family day 2013, International family day history

Written By: blogview - Dec• 06•12

Global Family day 2013, International family day history

Globally one day is dedicated for particular theme. We have various days to observe the importance of particular theme. Global family day is an international observance. With this name we may confue our seleves as the day dedicatedc for individual families. But world family days uggest atht the entire human popultion shoud be treated as fone family.

When is world family day observed in  2013?

Every year January 1st is oserved as global or international family day. The entire population shall be treated as one famil. It is observed to maintain peace among human beings with out any wars and enemity among nations. Generally food is shared with friends and other families on this day. On this day personal pledge is made for maintaing peace and message is spread to maintain peace. Humans must prepare themselves to live live together as one family for the sustaining of the human beings.


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