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Google Glasses: Advantages and Disadvantages

Written By: blogview - Apr• 19•13

Google Glasses: Advantages and Disadvantages

Google is planning to launch Google glasses project very soon. There are benefits at the same time some disadvantage for using these glasses.

Advantages of Google Glass:

We need not carry the computer, laptop or tablet for the applications. Space is minimized. We need not carry the camera to shoot a picture or record a video. This will be light to carry. Driving directions can be had with GPS system.  We can play video games without any strain. Movies can be watched by relaxing over the bed.  We can read the eBooks.  Translation is possible without much effort. One can get connected with Social networking.

Disadvantages of Google Glass:

Physical interaction and social gathering will be lost over a period. Some concerns are radiation will affect the brain there by damaging the health.  Wearing Google glasses is like wearing a phone over the head. This may cause excess radiation and may lead to cancer.

Cost of Google glass is more compared with computers or phones.


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