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Green Ganesha Idol, Eco Friendly Ganesh images, Go green Ganesh

Written By: 12Rbabu3456 - Jun• 25•16

Green Ganesha Idol, Eco Friendly Ganesh images, Go green Ganesh

Why Green Ganesh Idol for Ganesh Chaturthi?

Ganesh with Mud

eco friendly Ganesh Idol with clay

Usually Ganesh for the Ganesh Chaturthi is decorated with artificial colours. The idols are made of plaster of paris material. The artificial colors are harmful to the nature and environment. These Ganesh idols are immersed into tanks, lakes and rivers that are nearby to the locality. This process of immersion pollutes the water. The materials do not decompose easily and these will cause the ground water to be polluted. As devotees in order to compete among themselves are increasing the size of idols and are using more colours to make the idol look good.

How to celebrate eco friendly Ganesh Chaturthi?

eco friendly ganesha

eco friendly ganesha

As the water in lakes and rivers is getting polluted with industrial effluents as well as drainage from human habitations, we as true devotees should try to minimise the pollution. We can minimise the pollution due to Ganesh Chaturthi if we can take simple steps. Devotees should go for making Green Ganesha. Green Ganesh can be made with mud clay. The structure can be made with Bamboos and wood. Then it is decorated with natural colors. Natural colours can be made with flowers and vegetables.

Green Ganesh immersion

Immersion of Lord Ganesh in eco friendly way

The devotees performing Pooja at their houses should be encouraged to use only clay Ganesha. These idols should be first immersed in water taken in bucket. Then this water should be poured to plants. This way we can save water as well as prevent pollution. Devotees should campaign for eco friendly and Go Green Ganesh. This kind of eco friendly celebration of Ganesha festival will not harm the nature.

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