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How to Link Aadhaar Card with HP Gas online? Bharat Gas

Written By: blogview - Sep• 20•13

How to Link Aadhaar Card with HP Gas online? Bharat Gas

Government of India is providing subsidy for gas cylinders for domestic use to consumers in India. This subsidy is misused and the subsidized gas cylinders are diverted and are being used for commercial purpose. In order to curtail the leakages of subsidies the government of India has introduced a scheme known as DBTL (Direct Benefit Transfer for LPG consumer). In this scheme the consumer has to pay the full value of the LPG cylinder to the gas dealer and the subsidy amount for that particular cylinder is transferred to the bank account of the consumer. This subsidy is limited to 9 cylinders per consumer per annum. To avail of LPG gas subsidy consumer have to get Aadhaar number and have to register the Aadhaar number to the gas dealer and the bank account to the Aadhaar number.

How to link/ enroll Aadhaar number with the consumer ID of the gas dealer online?/  Linking Aadhaar number with HP/ Bharat/ Indane gas dealer online:

Consumers of LPG gas for companies like HP Gas ( Hindustan Petroleum corporation Ltd, HPCL), Bharat Gas ( Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd, BPCL)/  IOCL ( Indian Oil Corporation Ltd) Indane Gas can register their Aadhaar number online. Consumer have to go the web link   and click on the Start now button. Consumers will have to enter the state and District at which they are having their LPG connection. They have to opt for LPG at the benefit type. Then the company like IOCL/ BPCL/ HPCL for which the consumer is having their gas cards has to be chosen. Then name of the distributor and consumer number has to be provided. The Email ID, Aadhaar number and Mobile number of the consumer has to be given. Then the consumer will get OTP ( One time password) to his mobile number and email ID. Then the consumer should provide the password. Then enrolment or registration will be over. Aadhaar shall be linked to the LPG gas for claiming the subsidy. Similarly details of the Aadhaar number has to given to the bank account.

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