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International Women’s day 2013 Date, Theme, events, History

Written By: blogview - Jan• 09•12

International Women’s day 2013  Date, Theme, events, History

Women Play great role in our society. Women serve as mothers, wives and as daughters to men in  many aspects. Men respect women by celebrating Mother’s day, womens day and Valentine’s day.

When is International womens’ day celebrated in 2013?

Every year women’s day is observed on the 8th March.

History of Women’s day: The First women’s day was celebrated in the year 1909 as National Womens day ( NWD in America on 28th february  1909. Later it used to be celebarated  on the last Sunday of  February till 1913. In 2011 the 100th world women’s day was observed.

IWD ( International Women’s Day) 2013  Theme/ celebrations:

In some western countries Women’s day is observed as a major event. In some nations women’s day is observed as holiday. The Theme for  International Women’s day (IWD) 2013 is “ The Gender Agenda: Gaining Momentum”. Celebrations o this occasion include  offering gifts by men to their wives, daughters, girl friends and their mothers. Seminars, conferences, public speaches and television programs are organised about the betterment of women. Women are respected and  their  services are remembered  by the society.

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