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International Women’s Day 2014 Date, IWD 2014 Theme

Written By: blogview - Jan• 14•14

International Women’s Day 2014 Date, IWD 2014 Theme

A day is dedicated for every event in the world. Like that a day is dedicated for women across the world. The profile and working of women has changed over a period of time. Women are not treated like men I most parts of the world. There is still some discrimination shown to women in various communities and regions in the world.

When is International women’s day 2014 observed in 2014?

Every year March 8th is observed as world women’s day. This year also women’s day is observed on 8th March 2014. UN has recognized this observance. The world women day is being observed for nearly 100 years.

Theme for 2014 international women’s Day:

The theme for this year’s women’s day in 2014 event is “Inspiring Change”

Why international women’s day to be celebrated?

The world is not treating women equally. But over a period it has changed. Now men are recognizing the struggle of women and the need of women. This day world women’s day can be utilized to review how far the women are achieving the equality. It s observed that women are receiving about 30 to 40 less pay for the equal work done by men.  Women are becoming victims of violence and domestic violence.

Government and Non Government organizations,  educational institutions, corporations ,charities, women’s groups and media organizations organize the events related to IWD ( International women’s day ) .

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