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Lost ATM card Application format, ATM card complaints

Written By: blogview - Sep• 05•11

Lost ATM card Application format, ATM card complaints

ATM cards have become part of life. All banks inIndiaare issuing ATM cards while opening a bank account it self. ATM cum Debit cards are being issued for convenience of the bank customers. ATMs are located almost every place.  ATM card are associated with PIN numbers. Banks issue duplicate ATM cum Debit cards easily when lost during transit.


ICICI, Axis bank, SBI , HDFC, Union Bank ofIndia, Indian bank, PNB ( Punjab National bank), SBH, Andhra bank, Bank of America, Canara Bank are the familiar banks whose ATMs are used widely inIndia.


At every ATM center we can find helpline centers for ATM cards. We have to contact the concerned Bank ATM help line immediately so that the ATM card is blocked so that no one can misuse the ATM card. Then by contacting the bank branch they provide the format of application for the lost ATM card. We have to fill the application for lost ATM card and issue of duplicate ATM card. We have to submit the filled in Duplicate ATM cards application for lost ATM card to the branch manager. Then the bank sends the Duplicate ATM card and it’s PIN to the address of the Customers.

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