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Micromax Mobile Phones below Rs.1000, 2000, 3000 and Rs.5,000 in India

Written By: blogview - Mar• 06•11

Micromax Mobile Phones below Rs.1000, 2000, 3000 and Rs.5,000 in India

Micromax has become the second preferred brand name for mobile phones in India. Better quality, features, dual sim, longer battery life, touch screen, FM radio, MP3 player, QWERTY keyboard, good finish, stylish design and cheap cost make Micromax acceptable among the youth as entry level mobile phone.

Micromax X 100 is the mobile model from Micromax that comes at a latest price of Rs.878/- is the only model that is available below Rs.1000/-

Micromax mobiles between Rs.2000/-: Micromax X111 in Gold and silver colors is available at a latest price of Rs1085/- . Micromax C112, X215, X118, X117 and Micromax Q1 are below Rs.1500/- or between price range of Rs.1000/- to Rs.1500/-

Micromax mobile phones below Rs.2000: Micromax Q1 Plus, c2i and x226 (red and black) are available between Rs.1500 to Rs.2000.


Micromax mobiles below Rs.3000: Micromax x290, x228, x2i, Q2, x230, x260, x 265 and  Micromax Q2+  are priced between Rs.2,000/- and Rs..3000/-

Micromax Q5

Micromax phones below Rs.5000:   Micromax Q5, Q7, x600, GC 360, Pike X510, Q5C, X550 Qube, Q6, Q75, Q55 Bling, X505 and Q66 Eclipse are between Rs.3000 and Rs.5000. Q series from Micromax are having QWERT keyboards. Bling models are suitable for ladies as they are with small dimensions and slide type and can be fitted into a small purse and easy to carry.  Micromax mobile handsets are value for money. The prices are affordable and reasonably with the kind of features they are offering. QWERTY phones make typing of messages easy and are useful for sending messages quickly with out must strain to type.



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