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Onam Pookalam 2011, Simple Onam Pookalam designs, Photos, Pictures, images

Written By: blogview - Jul• 28•11

Onam Pookalam 2011, Simple Onam Pookalam designs, Photos, Pictures, images

Simple onam-pookalam design photos

Simple onam-pookalam design images

Onam is the biggest festival for Kerala people residing through out the world. Onam is a state festival in Kerala state. Pookalam or Pookkalam has got significance in then onam festival celebrations in Kerala.  Poo in Malayalam means Flower and kalam means art work and Pookalam is art work made on the verandah with flowers. Pookkalam is nothing but

Onam Pookalam 2011 photos

Onam Pookalam 2011 photos

carpet decorates with proper arrangement of flowers and flower petals.


Pookalam Designs: Pookalam competitions are held through out Kerala. Depending on then age different groups are formed for holding the competitions. Committees are formed to organize the pookalam competitions during

Onam pookalam 2011 competition

Onam pookalam competition

onam festival. Designs of onam pookalam range from simple to intricate.  Pookalam designs consist of geometrical images, pictures of birds, images of King Mahabali and dance kathakali.  Pookalam designs are awarded prizes depending on the quality of artwork and floral arrangement and quality of flowers used for the design of

Simple onam-pookalam design

Simple onam-pookalam design

pookalam. In work places also pookalam designs are displayed on the day of onam.


Onam pookalam theme

Onam 2011 pookalam theme

Pookalam and Rangoli are started form the first day of onam festival celebrations that is from Attam, the first day of onam celebrations. We can find pookalam with different designs at every house during onam in Kerala.


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