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Smartwatch vs. Google Glass compare Google glass, smartwatch

Written By: blogview - Mar• 01•14

Smartwatch vs. Google Glass compare Google glass, smartwatch

Mobile Phones were once used only for voice communication. Now the applications of mobile phones have changed. Now users of mobile phones are expecting more uses with Mobile phone. Mobile phone has become a part of the body. Now most of the people cannot live without mobile phone even for an hour. One cannot be able to imagine life without mobile phone.  Now Smartphones have come up. Mobile phones are used to make phone calls, send messages, checking of emails and replying emails, getting connected to social networking sites, listening to music, playing videos, playing games, capturing images, recording videos.

Now came the next level of latest devices. These gadgets are wearable and are accessories to Smartphones. Smartwatches and Google glass are the latest devices that are much talked about. Google glass is to be launched by Google. Users can be able to search the web with voice command using Google glasses. Pebble, Galaxy gear and QUALCOMM Toq are the smartwatches in the market. Now LG, Sony and Huawei talkband are also coming up with smart watches.

We have to wait for some time whether the watches or glasses will get succeed. Time will tell whether new kind of wearable devices come up in the couple months. Technology is getting changed in a fast pace. New Innovations and Technologies are coming near to the common man very soon. We have to fine whether technology will change our lives for better living or whether we get addicted to these technological devices?


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