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Times Now Opinion Poll results for 2014 Elections

Written By: blogview - Apr• 17•13

Times Now Opinion Poll results for 2014 Elections 

Times Now are a TV channel belonging to the promoters of times of India Newspaper. Times of India are the largest circulated news paper in India. Times Now are the news channel and ET now are the business news channel belonging to the same group. General elections in India are scheduled to be held in 2014. But every political party is expecting the elections to Lok Sabha early that is in the year 2013. Times Now TV new channel has entrusted C voters to conduct opinion poll survey for the general elections to be held for Lok Sabha in India in 2014.

Results of the opinion poll conducted by C voters on behalf of Times Now TV news channel:

Both UPA and NDA may not get the simple majority of 272 seats necessary to form the government. The ruling Congress lead UPA is likely to be the biggest loser. Congress lead UPA is likely to get only 128 seats compared with 206 seats in the elections 2009. Out of this congress is likely to get only 113 seats.  BJP lead UPA is likely to get 184 seats out of which Nitish Kumar led JDU likely to get 19 seats. BJP le may win as the single largest party. Regional parties may play key role in the next elections 2014.

Here is the list of number of likely to be won by different parties in elections 2014:

Name of the party Number of seats likely to win
Congress 113
BJP 141
SP 35
BSP 26
Trinamool Congress  ( TMC) 27
Left 26
Shiva Sena 15
BJD 13
YSR Congress 12
JD U 19
Others 89


We have to wait till the elections, their counting and results for the next government to be formed in India in 2014.

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