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Vastu Flat Entrance, Vaastu Tips for perfect Flat Entrance

Written By: blogview - May• 17•11

Vastu Flat Entrance, Vaastu Tips for perfect Flat Entrance

With the increase in cost of land in cities people it not affordable for common man to afford independent house in Indian cities.  Apartments have come up across cities. Apartments are convenient for living as the maintenance cost decreases due to collectiveness of residents. Security of the flat is not a problem.

Vastu tips for best flat entrance: Now a days, even tenants are also particular about vastu for flats. Due to non awareness about the vastu perfectly, most of them are relaying on the entrance of the flat for vastu.  Generally north east entrance is popular among public. A flat in the apartment having west entrance is least preferred as per vastu.  But in fact the North West entrance flat is ideal as per vastu. North West is the second best entrance for flat or apartment with north east being the best entrance of flat as per vastu.


Vastu tip for apartment entrance: Entrance of the apartment is also to be considered before purchasing a flat if one is concerned about vastu. Tamilians believe   south entrance as the best entrance as per vastu for flats, Apartment and house. Andhra people do not prefer south entrance for flats as per vastu. As per vastu, Middle of south is the best entrance for Apartments having flats,  if it in the south direction. South east entrance flat is to be avoided for living if one believes in vastu sastra.  As per vastu south west entrance is to be least preferred direction for flats.

Vaastu tips for flat: the number of doors and the number of windows should be even for flats. The levels of south and west should be more compared with levels of east and north. Heavy material should not be kept in north east direction of the flat as per vastu.


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  1. gaurav says:

    I live in a rented appartment. My door is south west.

    please advice a remedy.

  2. yashodhan says:

    i live in flat southeast direction pl advice me remedy

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