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Vastu Tips for West facing House/ Flat/ Apartment/ Plot

Written By: blogview - May• 20•11

Vastu Tips for West facing House/ Flat/ Apartment/ Plot


Though East facing plot is the most preferred for purchasing a Flat in an apartment/ independent House on a plot / shop/ office/ factory. For some people even west facing plot or flat is good as per vastu. The entrance door should be open inside the house/ flat. Wooden doors ideally teak door are ideal as per vastu. Two doors for entrance door are vastu compliant. All weight materials or goods should be placed in the south and wets parts of house in a plot / flat in an apartment for west entrance plot.

North west entrance for plot

For west facing houses or flats entrance at North West is the best as per vastu. All the bed rooms should be in the south west direction of the flat/ house. Kitchen and puja room are to be placed in the south east and north east directions of the house/ flat.  The number of doors and windows should be even in the house/ flat. West and south should be little bit higher than east and north directions in the house/ flat as per vastu. Toilets should not be built in the north east directions.


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