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Vijayadasami 2013 date, Vijaya Dashami festival Greetings

Written By: blogview - Jul• 12•13

Vijayadasami 2013 date, Vijaya Dashami festival Greetings

Vijaya Dashami or Vijayadasami is one of the main festivals for the devotees having faith in Hinduism. This festival is celebrated for ten days also know as Vijayadasami festival celebrations. The festival begins from the first day in then month of Ashwin a per Hindu calendar and the final festival is on the 10th day known as Vijayadasami.


When is Vijayadasami celebrated in 2013? Vijaya Dashami festival dates in the year 2013:


Vijayadasami as the name suggests meaning Vijaya meaning victory and Dasami means tenth day. This day is considered as the victory over evil. It is believed that it is on Vijayadasami day lord ram has won over Ravana. Another legend is that it is on this day that pandavas in Mahabharata completed their vanavasa. This year in 2013 Vijaya Dasami falls on 14th October.


Vijayadasami 2013 celebrations:

Ayudha Puja is the main event for this festival. In factories Puja is performed for the machinery. Puja is performed for the vehicles on the day of Vijaya Dasami. Navratri, Durgashtami and Dussehra are said to be main festivals for this occasion. Sweets are distributed in the places like offices and factories. Houses, offices and factories are decorated with flowers and Puja is performed during the festive day. Greetings are exchanged as part of this festive celebration.

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