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Vishu 2011 Date, Greetings, SMS in Malayalam, Vishukkani

Written By: blogview - Mar• 06•11

Vishu 2011 Date, Greetings, SMS in Malayalam, Vishu kani

Vishu is the New Year for Malayalee people in Kerala and those living abroad. Vishu is celebrated in Kerala, puducherry and some parts of Karnataka. Vishu is the first day of medam according to Malayalam calendar.

Vishu 2011 date:  Vishu is celebrated as the harvest festival in Kerala. Kolla Varsham is the calendar followed by Malayalam people. Vishu falls on the first day of kola varsham. Vishu falls on April – may months of English calendar. This year Vishu date is 14th April 2011

vishu kani

Malayalam calendar also has 12 months like Gregorian calendar system. Here is the list of months in Malayalam calendar:  Chingam, Kanni, Thulam, Vrischikam, Dhanu, Makaram, Kumbham, Meenam, Medam, Edavam, Midhunam and Karkidakam.

Vishu Kani Pictures

Vishnukani has greater significance in Vishu celebrations. Konna, areca nut, betel leaves, raw rice, lemon and cucumber are arranged in a vessel called urilli is known as vishukkani. Vishu kani is arranged in the pooja room the night before Vishu day. The day on Vishu starts with the darshan of vishukkani.  Vishu greetings are exchanged among themselves. In modern day Vishu SMS in Malayalam are send through cell phones, Vishu e cards in Malayalam are sent through internet to dear and near.

Vishu recipes: Kanji and Thoran are the recipes famous during Vishu. Kanji is the main course made of rice and Thoran is the side dish.


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  1. shihab says:

    vishu aashamsagal….

  2. shebin says:

    vishu aashamsagal….

  3. Ananad Ulaya says:

    Happy Vishu 2011 Asamsakal

  4. vineesha Rajesh says:

    Ellaperkkum vishu aashamsakal

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  7. george raphy says:

    happy vishu

  8. george raphy says:

    happy vishue

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  10. Unni says:

    Ee lokathulla ellaperkkum ente Vishu aashamsakal

  11. Unni kadappa says:

    R.S.S Mynagappally:
    Ella Swayam Sevakark Ente Vishu Aashamsakal.

  12. Ashok and family says:

    Wish you all a Happy 2011 VISHU ashamsakal.

  13. Rajesh Ramanujam says:

    Vishu Aasamsagal to all malayalee frnds….

  14. swathi krishna says:

    happy vishu

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