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World Cancer Day 2013 Theme, History, Logo

Written By: blogview - Dec• 26•12

World Cancer Day 2013 Theme, History, Logo

world cancer day logo

world cancer day logo

Cancer and AIDS are the major health issues that are causing great threat to human kind in the world. More people are dying  of cancer day by day. There are many types of cancers that are attacking human beings. Most of the cancers are related to smoking cigarette  chewing tobacco, eating fast foods that contain  and consuming junk food that  is adulterated with chemicals. These can be prevented by taking little care. People have to spend lot of money to get cured from these diseases.  UICC ( Union for international Cancer Control) is then organisation that organises world cancer day. is the official website for this organisation  WHO ( World Health Organisation) the UN ( United  Nations) wing also coordinates with UICC for the event of World Cancer Day.

2013 world cancer day Theme:

World cancer day is observed on 4th  february  every  year.  Every year one theme is spread among the people of the globe about  cancer. Prevention methods are spread across the people. Every has to take part in the campaign and spread messages that prevent Cancer. Government and Non government and corporate sectors get involved  on this event. Messages about the awareness about cancer is spread through televisions, Radios and through news papers and some special programs. This year in 2013 the theme for world cancer day is to spread awareness about the myths and misconceptions about cancer among the general public.

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