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World Forest Day 2013 Theme, When is World Forest Day?

Written By: blogview - Jan• 19•13

World Forest Day 2013 Theme, When is World Forest Day?

We should thank the world that we are having one day dedicated to forests in the world. The area of forests is decreasing as the people  are converting them into agricultural lands or using them for indiustrial use. Some are using these forest lands into urban development.  Reduction in forest are is causing for the global warming. This is becoming a great threat for the existance of human beings and flora and fauna depending on these forests.

When is World Forest Day observed in the year 2013?

UN General Assembly has recognised world forest day. This is celebrated on the 21st March every year.

What are the events for World Forest Day 2013?

Events on this occasion revolve around  preservation  and  onservation  of  Forests.  Awareness about the importance of Forests is made among countries about the importance of  Forests. Awareness is made among general public about the importance of Forests and developing them and maintaining them for the sustaining of the environment of the world.

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