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World TB Day 2013 Theme, Slogan, History of TB Day

Written By: blogview - Jan• 21•13

World TB  Day 2013 Theme, Slogan, History of TB Day

TB ( Tubercolosis) is one of the global epidemi that is causing death to nearly 70 lakhs people annually across the world. Most of he victims of TB are people of developing world.   TB is airborne and can kill people.

When is world TB day observed in 2013?

Dr Robert Koch has invented then cause of TB for the first time in the yaer 1832. He invented this on 24th March 1832 he invented the cause of TB. A that time TB was more wide spread in America and European countries. That’s why 24th March is observed as World TB day.

Who organises World TB day?

Stop TB  partneship  in network with countries and other organisations like IUALTD ( International Union against Tubercoliss and Lung Diseases) and WHO organise the world TB day every year. is tne official website for thr organisation. The aim of then organisation is to make zero deaths due to TB.

History of World TB day:

In the  year 1932 on 24th March  as the 100th year of invention of cause of TB was first observed as world TB day  by IUALTD. From then on every year it is observed.

Theme and Slogan for World TB day 2013:

Zero deaths due to TB by providing universal access to TB cure.  An effective TB vaccine, TB free world and quick and low cost testing and faster treatment for TB are the slogans and themes for world TB day.

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